Staying true to their original vision, the brand’s focus is to release new designs made from custom prints, sophisticated details and a mix of exceptional materials. The writing of creations marked by an ounce of dream, a touch of audacity and a hint of fantasy.
An elegant and authentic brand that embodies the free spirit of island life. A romance for women from here and abroad. Unique and sublime.


Our fabrics are made of ECONYL
regenerated Nylon fibers. We love giving colors to our fabrics but we also love the colors of our world.

We choose to produce in small series. Our natural resources come first.

Creating a collection of wardrobe staples rather than seasonal styles is our way to educate on the real meaning of respect and care for our planet.


Our signature fabrics are digitally
printed, allowing for small production runs to reduce fabric waste.

Digital printing also requires less water, therefore creating less water waste.


The brand evokes St Barth universe from where the two creators are from.

Revealing the most beautiful sites of the island, telling stories and highlighting this magnificent place.

Eau d’île has developed its own iconic printed fabrics from pictures of the most beautiful beaches and elements from the island.

Offering the memory of exclusive moments.

A souvenir of St Barth that is worn in a unique way. A wardrobe dedicated to travel that embodies the magic of dreams and authenticity.


Unique, authentic, luxurious, Eau d’île
style is recognizable thanks to its elaborate cuts, homemade prints and refined materials.

We are delighted to introduce this year our handmade braided Soutache, inspired by the ancestral know-how of French lingerie.
High-end crystal is also part of the collection. We collaborated with the iconic Swarovski® crystal brand. 

Elisa & Lauriane

are inspired by their childhood spent in St Barth to nourish the sensibility of Eau d’île.

Influenced by an upscale clientele in demand for exclusive creations and their aspirations, they decided to create the brand in 2019.

They imagine and design the swimwear themselves.

A very special attention is paid to the assembly of the prototypes. Each piece is tested, retouched and improved to ensure a perfect fit and perfect finishes.

The designers draw collections they love with travel in mind, in order to transport their customers to the places they dream of, from St Barths sunset places to Cap Ferret secluded spots.